Why Chose Newstep

Who we are

A team of seasoned designers providing cost-effective and efficient websites.

We are composed of very friendly individuals that make up a team of specialist professionals who reside and work as part of the local community in UK, USA, AUS, CA and India.

Since 2008, our company has been known in the field of building as well as designing websites, perfecting SEO and great marketing and promotion. Our staff is made up of more than 100 people which is the reason why we can respond to all the clients’ needs and questions in no time.

What we do

Building websites for small businesses.

Our team responds to all people who are planning to create their very own website, personal, professional, or for other businesses and projects, but do not know how to get started. The team can also work on clients with existing websites which need a boost to attract target users and more.

The specialty of the team is in designing, creating, and managing websites for small businesses. Clients can also trust the team when it comes to search engine optimization, marketing, promotion, and social media, since they already have a lot of experience handling each one for years now. All of the senior team members also have a small business experience of their own this is the reason why they fully understand the needs of the clients.

Clients can make an appointment and visit one of the “NewStep Technology offices or they can choose to just send an email, whatever is more convenient for them. The team believes, though, that it is better for them to get to know their clients more so that they can have a full grasp of their needs. Through this the team can create the best website for the clients that would be perfect for their business.

For overseas clients, then there is no problem since the team has already worked with customers from the USA and even those from the UAE. The team is very skilled and already has a lot of experience working from a distance and clients are guaranteed to receive equal amount of attention and service from those clients who are nearby.

So for clients who are aiming to boost their sales, develop brand loyalty or just build an online presence, then the team can be a huge help. Clients can choose from the list of services that the company offers which include website design and build, SEO, copy writing, and social media presence.